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YR0065 Yung Lean - Poison Ivy

Spawned from a nomadic upbringing in Vietnam and Belarus with a mother working foreign relations for the Swedish government and poet/writer father, Yung Lean seemed destined to seek out ways of finding common ground in new parts of the world.

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YR0053 Viagra Boys - Street Worms

Grimey, acid highway full throttle; Viagra Boys twisted dark punk album ‘Street Worms’ is an interesting ride as vocalist Sebastian Murphy lets you ride shotgun while this trip takes you blazing to the top of a mountain before speeding right back down to the basement again. The bass line ferociously drives the car and the drums make sure you stay on the road - this is one of those trips where you sporadically wake up and find yourself in strange situations, wondering how the f*ck you got there.

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LABS003-TOXIC Sad Boys Gear x Converse

Sad Boys Gear presents a a limited collaboration with Converse where the classic One Star Black Premium Suede is given a toxic treatment - featuring vivid slime green accents, heavy rubber prints and a band of stars on the inside of the shoe complete the unique yet highly recognizable style. Accompanying the One Star, is a range of matching t-shirts and hoodies; all artworks by Sadboys Gear creative director.

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