: Provoker - Demon Compass
Album / Release: Demon Compass Release Type: LP Date of release: 13/10/2023 Label: YEAR0001 A&R: Oskar Ekman Mixing: Bart Schoudel Master: Robin Schmidt (24-96 Mastering) Producer: Daniel Fagerström Producer: Provoker Producer (Tracks 3-4): Zach Fogarty Producer (Track 9): Idris Vicuña Writer: Jonathon Lopez Writer: Christian Crow Petty Writer (Tracks 3-4): Zach Fogarty Writer (Track 9): Idris Vicuña Creative Director: André Jofré Art Director: William J Canning Cover Art: Alex Petty Covert Art: Michelle Guintu Petty Photographer: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn Video (Debt Collector): Gustav Stegfors Video (Valley Ghoul): Gustav Stegfors
TRACKS: 1. It’s In My Head 2. Little Ghost 3. Spring Bride 4. A Fate Tightly Sealed 5. Valley Ghoul 6. C Ur Face 7. Freezing Alive 8. Sleight of Hand 9. The Stalker 10. Deadly Insect 11. Under My Bed 12. Debt Collector
YEAR 0001