: Quartermaster - 24431 Miracles
Album / Release: 24431 Miracles Release Type: Album Date of release: 04/03/22 Label: YEAR0001 A&R: Emilio Fagone Mastering: Robin Schmidt Producer: Quartermaster Writer: Charles Keith Eggers Mixing: Charles Keith Eggers Art Director: Victor Svedberg Additional Design: Oda Rabenius Photographer: Fredrik Andersson Andersson Cover Illustration: Lucas Svedberg
TRACKS: 1. Canticle 2. Crypt Rave 3. Pauper's Ballet 4. Highland Etude 5. View From The Belfry 6. Enthronement 7. Sentry’s Thoughts 8. Sepulchre 9. Gigi's Bath
YEAR 0001