: Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz
Album / Release: Welfare Jazz Release Type: Album Date of release: 08/01/21 Label: YEAR0001 Recorded: 2019-2020 A&R: Oskar Ekman Mixing: Pelle Gunnerfeldt Master: Robin Schmidt, 24-96 Mastering Producer: Daniel Fagerström Producer: Pelle Gunnerfeldt Producer: Matt Sweeney Producer: Patrik Berger Producer: Raisen Brothers Producer: DJ Haydn Art Director: Victor Svedberg Digital: Andre Jofre Original Art: Sebastian Murphy
TRACKS: 1. Ain't Nice 2. Cold Play 3. Toad 4. This Old Dog 5. Into The Sun 6. Creatures 7. 6 Shooter 8. Best In Show II 9. Secret Canine Agent 10. I Feel Alive 11. Girls & Boys 12. To The Country 13. In Spite of Ourselves
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YEAR 0001